2nd May 2017
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Bear’s Den In-The-Fields

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Saturday was such a sweet day! Record Store Day to remember. We were super fortunate and grateful to Richer Unsigned (the daughter company of Richer Sounds), not only to champion us on their LP for Record Store Day 2017 (curated by Bears Den), but also for inviting us to warm up for Bears Den themselves as part of their celebrations that evening.

It started for us at 10am when Dylan, Stian, Rowan and I piled into Chewie (the gold Ford Mondeo) and started down the M32 and onto the M4 London-bound. Arriving at St Giles in the Fields, Soho just pre lunch, we got a chance to drool over the pretty guitars of Denmark street and grab a bite to eat at what we realised was the Old Marquee Club, before helping set up the venue.

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Bear's Den sound checking

St Giles in the Fields is a stunning church built in the 1730s, standing proudly watching over Denmark Street, blinged up with gold trimmings and acoustics that echo into eternity. We instantly loved it and were excited at the prospect of playing. The Richer Unsigned team were great. Rob and Ian were particularly on it, manning the front door, whilst somehow coordinating everybody else.

Bears Den arrived and we got to enjoy their sound check, which was basically our own little private show, before helping to stuff 350 bags full of vinyls which poor Kev and Davie signed in one bash, an impressive show by itself! They were such genuine friendly guys who encouraged us, and inspired us all evening (they still do!).

The evening began about 7:30pm, the church was filled, and we opened up the evening after a very warm welcome onstage by Bears Den. It was such a delight to play. The crowd were fab… they listened so intently it was almost a little bit scary! I particularly enjoyed Dylan’s trumpet filling the room. The five part harmonies were a joy to sing in the church. We played 4 songs before making room for the other acts. It was good fun going first because afterwards we basically got to sit back and enjoy the rest of the evening.

Christof van de Ven followed on from us, with his warm vocals, soothing tunes and playful stories. I personally really enjoyed his new song Montreal which you can check out here.

Jim and Sam followed next, a duo all the way from LA, who have played a show every night since 3rd November 2016! Crazy days. I spoke to these guys quite a bit, particularly after the show when we were selling merch side by side, and they are simply wonderful. Their song Doctor Please, had me with tears in my eyes as it made me think of loved ones past. Their harmonies were so tight, it could have been one silky smooth voice.

Finally, the evening ended with the mighty Bears Den themselves, joined on stage by Christof, who is a man of many talents, with perfect harmonies and some sweet banjo licks up his sleeve. I love Isaac, probably one of my favourite tunes… it is hard to pick! But probably the most special part of the evening was when they unplugged and walked into the middle of the church and played using the reverb of the church to carry their sound. From the balcony it was ace to watch, although I think the rest of the band will agree we were a bit jealous when we spotted Steve had the best seat in house, sat right next to them. They finished with Agape… probably also my favourite song… and we were all gutted it was over.

Thankfully for us, we had at least another 40minutes of getting to meet some of the audience, who gave us kind words, and some of them even agreed to hand over their emails to be kept in the loop of our upcoming events.

We left buzzing and knackered. Stian bombed the journey back whilst Dylan snored loudly from the backseat. We had a quick pitstop meeting Steve and Hannah in Reading Services… where all sorts of weird past tired things happened before we left the fond night forever behind us and drove ourselves back to bed and under the duvets.

Big Love,
Abi Eleri


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